The Art of Belly Dance​


Oriental belly dancing is not just a fun and different form of exercise for the body, it also has great healing and strengthening powers, stimulating the body and mind and relieving all stresses, allowing you to get to know your own body.


In Belly dancing we do not compete against one another, but are an independent body expressing her own thoughts. It enables women to have a new look at her sometimes negative self-image, in a supportive and strengthening atmosphere, to learn to let go of any inhibitions and be confident in yourself and the people around us. With belly dancing, there are no boundaries.

All shapes and sizes, young and old can learn and enjoy belly dancing.

Mya's traditional teaching is fun and easy to follow, her classes cover all basic steps in Egyptian Belly Dance for beginners. Choreography is designed to allow students to discover their ability and Middle Eastern music.

Belly Dance classes have commenced for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students, and Mya is also available for private tuition. Using Egyptian technique, Mya shares her passion with her students and audiences. Once students have gained the knowledge needed to expand on steps, they will be introduced to veil, cane and zill technique.

Melbourne bellydancer

Dance Studio located in Vermont South, Melbourne Vic

Phone: 0432 391 516