Mya - Bellydancer 

Mya is a passionate authentic dancer that loves to connect with her audience. 
Her desire is always to provide her audience an experience and connection to the music, creating an atmosphere full of feeling and joy.

Born in  Melbourne Australia to Lebanese parents, she has  always had an interest in Belly Dancing and has been dancing most of her life. Watching and learning from a young age she has formed her own interpretation of Belly Dance. Mya's style is warm, vibrant and energetic. 


Mya has been performing for the past 16 years in Melbourne. Her natural ability to improvise to music never fails to impress her audience. Mya is regularly booked for functions throughout Melbourne; these include Weddings, Engagements, corporate events, birthdays, festivals and other special occasions.

Mya understands the music, and Arabic is her second language, allowing her become the music during her shows. Myas Belly Dance music can range from Lebanese, Egyptian, Turkish, Greek and Iraqi. Using various belly dance props like wings, veil, zills, cane and sword during her performances  there is something for every occasion.



After a four year break, Mya has re emerged in the teaching scene.

As a Belly dance teacher Based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne Mya delivers an interpretation of music that students can follow and is easy to  understand. Mya has 15 years experience in teaching and has held yearly Gala events for students to showcase what they have learnt in class.  Students have various opportunity to perform throughout the year  if they wish.


Mya  is creative and delivers an experience that  allows students to fall in love with themselves, the music and the expression. Her classes are always enriching. 

Mya is a natural born teacher, exploring various styles of the dance and sharing it with women who want to empower themselves.


Melbourne bellydancer